Mission, aims and values

Mission, aims and values

NooA’s mission is to provide quality online education that creates sustainable value, public awareness and footprints to follow.

NooA’s aim is to become an international Learning Mall for Online Courses. This means that it works to develop a multilingual learning community which:

  1. is an attractive partner for individuals and businesses that develop, translate and sell online courses
  2. provides students with much flexibility and much learning value for their money
  3. is accredited in several countries
  4. recruits students from many countries
  5. provides courses at least in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian
  6. is among the largest Nordic providers of online courses

NooA’s values  are listed below and illustrated by these E-FAQTS blocks:





Quality aware




Mission, aims and values


The NooA partners comprise e-learning experts in these language areas: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

The NooA international advisory board consists of experts representing education, environmental issues, art, public awareness, social awareness, technology and social media.

The NooA content partners are companies, organizations and individuals that offer courses in collaboration with NooA. If you would like to become a content partner, please contact Morten Flate Paulsen at mfp@nooa.no

The NooA Mall is an open area where you can meet staff, teachers, students and prospective students. You will be able to access some tidbits of the NooA services and experience some examples of how it is to be a NooA student. You may enter the Mall and read the NooA Newsletter  if you register an account here .