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Brief information about our online executive courses

Executive courses

We invite you to begin your capital markets education with the launch of the GCMS Trading Diploma Course. When trading Forex, you attempt to make a profit by predicting that the value of one currency will increase or decrease compared to another.

Binary options are a relatively new asset class. It has many opportunities and unfortunately traps for the unaware. When trading binary options, you attempt to make a profit by predicting if the price of a currency pair will increase or decrease from its current price over a certain period of time. The GCMS Binary Options Trading Course provides the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

In the Start-up course, you will learn how to start a business in Norway. You will also get an opportunity to build a network with other international entrepreneurs in Oslo and Akershus. First, we will introduce you to business modelling – a necessity if you are aiming for success. Then we will guide you through the practical steps you have to take in order to make your business ready for the market launch. The course is divided into four modules. In addition to teaching lessons, you will be guided through useful assignments and have the opportunity to share your challenges with fellow students. Your progress will be monitored by our online mentors. In several of the modules, you will also be provided with various practical tools like «how-to» instructional videos, checklists and step-by-step guides.

E-Train is an online education course course designed especially for people who want to learn how to implement and administrate eLearning in schools and organizations. Throughout the course you will learn what it takes for your organization to get ready to build and facilitate elearning courses.

The profile analysis course helps you develop a basic insight in your personal preferences, what you like to do when you can choose freely. It focuses on you as a human being. You start by answering a questionnaire based on Optimas’ certified JTI analysis (Jung’s Type Index) which practically provides the same results as an MBTI-analysis (Myers Briggs Type Index). The profile analysis course helps you find your personal preferences when you look for a new job, college degree or professional career. It provides insight and reflection, which help improve your understanding of your personal profile and preferences and make better choices.

Coaching Techniques is a short-format online-course which will introduce you to some helpful coaching techniques. These techniques can be applied in many contexts including online and face-to-face training, as a leadership strategy and in the management of intercultural project teams. The three unit course includes SMART goals setting, questioning techniques, and feedback techniques and is meant as an introduction to coaching-tools. The recommended workload will be about 3 hours per unit.

International interns and staff: Make the most of your intern! This short course is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) considering to host a foreign intern. The round of EU funding starting in 2013 is allocating more efforts to encouraging university students to do a foreign internship. This short course prepares SME employers for some of the issues which may arise during an internship.

Diversity Icebreaker is a training and development concept consisting of a psychological questionnaire and an energizing workshop, which is fun to facilitate and fun to take part in. It is applied in different areas of HR management and consultation (team and project work, communication, leadership, cross-cultural and diversity trainings, conflict management, and kick-offs) and brings a long lasting effect through positive emotional engagement. DI is translated to 19 languages and used worldwide in both very large and small organisations alike. It is currently the most frequently used team-tool in Norway.


Brief information about our online writing courses

Writing courses

The writing course I units concentrate on developing the natural language and writing skills that we all, in one way or another, possess. We look at both theory and practice in relation to the ‘melody’ of language, personal style and artistic means employed by authors and other artists. Through course content, practical exercises and constructive criticism, we attempt to answer the Who, What and Where of the author.

Writing course II is building on Writing course I. It has six units which consist of readings, tasks and shared reflections. In each unit, there is an assignment you must submit. Your teacher will give you feedback and good advice on your submissions.

The Masterclass course is geared toward the more seasoned language user, writer, or author, with a good grasp of language who still requires an introduction to techniques and tools that are useful in larger projects. The course includes collections of short stories, novels and larger prose texts. There is a significant amount of homework, and the feedback is more detailed than in writing courses I and II.

Narrative angles. If you are not so concerned with detailed criticism, and you are looking for a writing course where the joy of writing and inspiration are at the core, then our narration angles course is the natural choice.

The Manuscript course has five units which comprise the introductory phases of the manuscript work. They focus on the back cover text, the plot, the characters, the dramatic structure and the novel´s roadmap, before it put all the preparatory work together. In addition to the five units, you may also have three consultations with your writing coach.


Brief information about our online art courses

Art courses in English

In the Drawing course, you will learn to draw what you see. You will be introduced to various great ways to do charcoal and pencil drawing. We start by drawing simple objects, and then we move on to still lives and lastly interiors and outdoor spaces. You will also learn something about the observation, the sensory apparatus, about drawing as an artistic language, and some ways to use your natural talents. The course content and exercises are structured to suit beginners, but will also be both exciting and challenging to advanced students. Together we will look at examples from art history to learn from the old masters.

Looking at art through the work of Velázquez: Diego Velázquez is one of the most renowned European artists and this online-course will introduce you to ten of his most celebrated paintings and the historical context that shaped them. At the same time it teaches key visual analysis skills and art historical research methods. These skills can be applied in a range of professional contexts such as academic study, curating, artistic practice, creative writing as well as the appreciation of art. The five unit course will provide detailed study of 10 paintings and explores issues such as the genres of baroque art, naturalism, portraiture and Velázquez’s ingenious approach to depicting narrative.

The online creativity course is designed to help people move with ease through creative blocks such as perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm, self-sabotage and lack of focus. The course breaks down the barriers to understanding why we procrastinate and stop ourselves from reaching our creative goals by looking at how the brain works and how, by changing our behaviours and our negative self-talk, we can achieve creative success. In each of the six units you will have personal one-on-one sessions with a Kaizen-Muse certified creativity coach, who will guide you through your particular project or help you awaken your creative spirit. You will also learn powerful tools that will provide you with inspiration and clarity and transform your creative life into a fun, joyful and productive process.


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