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Forex kursus: Interview med Wayne Walker af Morten Flate Paulsen

Den 16. marts 2015 modtog jeg denne spændende e-mail med en forespørgsel fra Wayne Walker angående et online forex kursus. Fire uger senere, efter et par Skype møder og hyppige e-mail udvekslinger, har den første studerende indskrevet sig på vores online forex kursus: GCMS Trading diploma.

Jeg synes Wayne’s erfaringer er interessante at dele med andre som har ambitioner om at tilbyde online kurser. Derfor lavede jeg dette e-mail interview med ham, for at finde ud af hvad han tænkte om denne virtuelle og temmelig hurtige online kursus udviklings proces.

Dear Morten Paulsen /NooA

My firm specializes in practical capital markets education. We have strong track record over the years with in-person teaching. We are in the process of expanding our content online and exploring other channels for distribution. Please let me know what is needed for this to happen with NooA. Attached is a brief overview of some of our accomplishments.

Best regards,
Wayne Walker 帷幄客
Managing Director

GCMS – Walker eTraining, the specialists in practical capital markets education

Wayne WalkerMorten Flate Paulsen: Den første gang vi talte sammen på Skype, gættede jeg på at du var amerikaner, og jeg var ikke klar over at du faktisk boede i København. Så nu spekulerer jeg på hvor du mon oprindeligt kommer fra og hvorfor du er i Danmark?

Wayne Walker: Jeg er en ex-New Yorker, som bor i skandinavien. Min tilknytning til København er en blanding af noget professionelt og noget personligt. Det professionelle er min tidligere ansættelse i Saxo Bank, en af pionererne indenfor online forex trading. Nu har jeg en familie her og jeg trives.

MFP: Hvorfor ville du lave et online forex kursus?

WW: Idéen til onlin forex kursus blev født den voksende efterspørgsel jeg mærkede fra folk som var ude af stand til at deltage i vores GCMS undervisning i nordeuropa, arbejdstider, timing og i visse tilfælde problemer med at få visa (for dem udenfor EU).

MFP: Hvordan hørte du om Campus NooA og hvorfor besluttede du dig til at kontakte os?

WW: Min kontakt til NooA kom fra en tidligere studerende, som i øvrigt har startet sit eget uddannelses-firma. Beslutningen om at gå videre med det var baseret på både kursernes kvalitet og de undervisere der er tilknyttet NooA.

MFP: Hvad er dine erfaringer med udviklingsprocessen af online forex kursus og samarbejdet med Campus NooA?

WW: Med ét ord, professionalisme! Jeg har haft med adskillige i undervisnings industrien at gøre, og til dato er den lydhørhed og professionalisme jeg har mødt fra NooA ikke overgået.

MFP: Er der nogle særlige funktioner i dit online forex kursus eller muligheder på din indlærings-platform som du værdsætter og ønsker at fremhæve?

WW: Ja, vores kursus er praktisk og åbent for enhver der er villig til at lære. I årenes løb har vi udover de professionelle finansfolk,  haft deltagere med forskellige baggrunde, f.eks Kongelige danske Operasangere, programmører og endda balletdansere.

Mere om GCMS Trading diploma

Her er kursusbeskrivelsen på engelsk og på norsk.

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Teacher and course designer: Wayne Walker

Wayne Walker

Wayne Walker

Wayne Walker is course developer and teacher for the trading courses at Campus NooA.

Wayne Walker is the Director of a global capital markets education and consulting firm. He has several years experience in leading and coaching teams of Investment Advisors and has managed top performing teams in the Private Client Group based on Bench Mark Earnings (BME). Mr. Walker has trained traders of the Citi-FX Pro program in London. He also developed the ‘Trading Rights’ program at Saxo Bank by which Investment Advisors were required to complete before being allowed to trade. He is a certified trainer in Markets in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID) EU and is qualified to advise «A» clients.

Mr. Walker is a frequently invited guest capital markets commentator on several live international TV & radio programs. He was an invited speaker at the 2009 Regional Conference on Investments and the Capital Markets where he delivered a presentation on «Accumulating Wealth through the Regional Stock Exchange» to regional Heads of States and Finance Ministers in Montego Bay at the Rose Hall Country Club.

Mr. Walker is available, to suitable candidates, for trade coaching and portfolio consulting.

Mr. Walker holds the several certifications and has worked in following positions:

  • Director-Founder, (GCMS) Global Capital Market Solutions, Denmark
  • Manager, Sales Trading, North America & Middle East, Saxo Bank, Denmark
  • State University of New York, College at Buffalo, USA
  • NASD Series 3 – License to trade & advise on futures contracts in the US Market
  • ACI (Financial Markets) Dealing Certificate – Passed with Distinction (highest level), France
  • Trained in Bloomberg & UBS Bank’s FX Options quoting software
Wayne Walker

Student testimonials

Trading diploma testimonials forex kursus

GCMS Trading diploma testimonials

Here are four trading diploma testimonials from students at GCMS – Global Capital Market Solutions

Trading diploma testimonial from Tilman Koblitz:

I just wanted to give you a quick feedback of how useful the Advanced GCMS Trading Diploma that I took in January at CBS has been for me so far.

I finished my PhD in Wind Energy, and had job interviews since. Especially for a technical guy like me that tried to break into energy & commodity trading, it has been extremely useful to have your Diploma on my CV. In almost every job interview the hiring manager asked me about the diploma, and according to their feedback it often made the difference between me and other applicants. Compared to studying 3 years for my PhD and 5 years for my master degree, your course at CBS was one of the best time and money I invested into my education.

After having had different offers I decided to start as an «Asset Optimization Continental Manager» on the commodity trading desk in Amsterdam.

Trading diploma testimonial from Søren, an engineer with zero trading experience:

I’ve spent my morning watching some of your educational videos and some of your written material. Decided to follow your setup and tips in the Practical Trading Guide «Golden nuggets» that you shared the other day. Safe to say, I actually manage to find a good short opportunity using Bollinger Bands and RSI together for the first time. So far I am in for a good profit, have a great weekend!

Trading diploma testimonial from Azur Jasarevic:

I want to thank you for a great course! I find you truly inspiring and I want you to know that you have opened my eyes for trading!

I believe that anyone can acquire the knowledge needed to educate, but a lot of them fail when it comes to delivering the message to others. This is where you truly amazed me, how pedagogical, motivational and charismatic you were. With that said, I sincerely hope that you will keep on educating people, because what you are doing, and mainly how you are doing it, is genuinely appreciated.

I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Trading diploma testimonial from Fernandes, Quantitative Developer at RBS Global Banking & Markets:

I was at one of your trading courses and it was actually very helpful at my new job as quant developer at Royal Bank of Scotland. I actually understand their products and trading systems.

GCMS Trading diploma testimonials

FAQ about GCMS and the course

How close is the e-learning program to the in person classes?

Very close, it offers the same practical capital markets product knowledge & trading exercises. The diploma requires passing the interactive online exams & completion of hands-on trading exercises.

What about outside of Europe?

We have been invited by and taught at some of the top universities in Asia & the Caribbean. A partial list here:

If I do not want a diploma, can I still do the course?

Yes, GCMS recognises that while you are looking for quality education, you may not want a diploma, therefore the final exam is optional.

Is there a trading platform with live prices to practice on as I learn?

Yes, our students have special access to an award winning multi-asset & multi-lingual trading platform.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through Visa, AmericanExpress, Discover, PayPal, and MasterCard.

What if I decide that I want to attend the in person classes after e-learning?

No problem, all e-learning students are welcome at a deeply discounted rate.

Are there any prerequisites to enroll in the course?

It is preferable that students enrolling have basic proficiency in mathematics, English, as well as basic computer skills.

Is there personal support during & after the course?

Yes, we will assist you with our private online group, email servicing, and Skype by request.

What are some of the countries that GCMS students come from?

Jamaica, China, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, Italy, Finland, Pakistan, France, Germany, Morocco, USA, Portugal, Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, Singapore, Lithuania, Turkey, Taiwan, UK, Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Dominican Republic, India, Romania, New Zealand, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Greece, Uganda, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, Spain, Kenya, Austria, Mexico, Thailand, Somalia, Monaco (as of Q1 2015)

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