Rådgivende organ - advisory board

Advisory Board

The international advisory board consists of experts representing education, environmental issues, art, litterature, public awareness, social awareness, technology and social media.

Mandate for the Advisory Board

NooA’s mission is to provide quality online education that creates sustainable value, public awareness and footprints to follow.

The International Advisory Board should therefore consist of members that have special qualifications to pursue the mission and give strategic advice on ideal purposes such as:

  • Which services, subjects, courses and programs NooA could offer to support online learners in general and learners with special needs in particular.
  • Research and development activities that can contribute to the development of NooA, improved online teaching and student support services and general advancement for the benefit for the entire online education sector.
  • How NooA could disseminate research, evaluations and good practice in online education to the benefit of the national and international online education communities.
  • How NooA can use e-learning to support and contribute to social entrepreneurship and humanitarian activities.
  • Any other strategic and ideal purpose that supports NooA’s mission.

So far, we are really pleased that the following experts have joined NooA’s International Advisory Board:


Terry Anderson - NooA advisory boardTerry Anderson is a Professor in Distance Education at Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University. He teaches educational technology courses in the Masters and Doctorate of Education programs. He is also the director of the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research CIDER and the editor of IRRODL – the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning.

Liv Arnesen - NooA advisory boardLiv Arnesen is a Norwegian Lecturer, Educator and Explorer. Her rich life experiences, both on and off the ice, have made her an internationally recognized leader and role model for women and girls. A self-proclaimed “keen” but not fanatical outdoors enthusiast, Arnesen is most interested in the development of adults and children. Through her diverse roles as a polar explorer, educator and motivational leader, Arnesen ignites passion in others to reach beyond their normal boundaries and achieve their dreams by sharing her own stories about exploring some of the most remote places on earth.You can read more about Liv at www.livarnesen.com and www.yourexpedition.com

Marie Louise Kold - NooA advisory boardMarie Louise Kold is a Danish artist living in Sweden, who has made an international name for herself with her ability to imbue metals with an emotional charge that turns them into art. Marie Louise has developed a technique of her own, which has its roots in the tradition of copper printing. Working with copper, brass and bronze she engraves and etches the metal, not using it to print with, but the metal itself becomes the actual art object.Marie Louise will provide help and advice to NooA regarding art and digital media. She has a broad interest in education and has worked with digital media to further her art for many years. Her works can be seen and followed here: www.mlkold.com and www.facebook.com/mlkold


Teresa Martini - NooA advisory boardTeresa Martini is working as a Media Coach, Communication Consultant and freelance reporter. Previously, she worked as a producer at CNN for 10 years and as a producer at the largest news network in Argentina. She has received the duPont Columbia Award – equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize.Teresa has a keen interest in digital media which is manifested by her online presence and books in various digital formats.More information on Teresa and her work is available at www.teresamartini.com and www.mediacoaching.biz


Lars Rudolf Stadil - NooA advisory boardLars Rudolf Stadil is a Danish author with a ph.d in Philosophy. He is a founding member of www.forfatterskole.dk and a member of NooA’s Advisory Board.